EUMOFA Monthly Highlights No. 7/2021 is online

This month’s issue analyses first sales of European eel (Poland, France, the Netherlands) and European perch (Sweden, Poland, Estonia). The case studies of this month are: “Fisheries and Aquaculture in Malaysia”; “Deep-water rose shrimp in the EU”.

FIRST SALES IN EUROPE. In April 2021, compared to April 2020, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom all recorded an increase in both first-sales value and volume of fisheries and aquaculture products. The most recent weekly (up to week 29 of 2021) and monthly (May 2021) data for first sales in Europe can be accessed on the EUMOFA website.

FIRST SALES OF EUROPEAN EEL AND EUROPEAN PERCH. From May 2018 to April 2021, the weighted average first-sales price of European eel in Poland was 11,32 EUR/kg, 65% higher than in France (6,84 EUR/kg), and 55% greater than in the Netherlands (7,31 EUR/kg). Over the same period, the weighted average first-sales price of European perch in Sweden was 2,45 EUR/kg, 27% higher than in Poland (1,93 EUR/kg), and 9% greater than in Estonia (2,25 EUR/kg).

EXTRA-EU IMPORTS. The first-sales price of frozen catfish from Vietnam recorded a downward trend over the past three years (from week 22/2018 to week 21/2021), with price fluctuations from 0,95 to 2,87 EUR/kg. Supply ranged from 2 to 159 tonnes, with price spikes sometimes when supply was low.

CONSUMPTION. Over the past three years (May 2018 – April 2021), total Swedish household consumption of fresh pike-perch was 166 tonnes. Swedish consumers spent on average 21,09 EUR for a kilogram of fresh pike-perch. The most recent weekly consumption data (up to week 29 of 2021) can be accessed on the EUMOFA website.

FISHERIES AND AQUACULTURE IN MALAYSIA. In 2020, Malaysia exported a total of 702.738 tonnes of fisheries and aquaculture products (FAP) for a value of EUR 928 million. Live ornamental fish covered 50% of the export volume and 20% of the total value in 2020, a 22% and 32% increase respectively since 2019. In 2020, the EU imported 2.376 tonnes of seafood from Malaysia. Imports of warmwater shrimp accounted for 19% of the volume and 29% of the value, and 92% of warmwater shrimp volume went to France. France and Italy covered 95% of the FAP volumes and 91% of value of imports to the EU from Malaysia.

DEEP-WATER ROSE SHRIMP IN THE EU. In 2019, EU catches of deep-water rose shrimp amounted to 18.931 tonnes, with the major producers being Italy, Spain, and Greece. In 2020, extra-EU imports reached 6.648 tonnes for EUR 57 million, with Morocco, Tunisia, and Senegal as the main suppliers. In the same year, intra-EU exports reached EUR 18 million for 2.266 tonnes of deep-water rose shrimp products. Spain was the main exporter, accounting for 52% of intra-EU exports value.

GLOBAL HIGHLIGHTS. The European Commission has issued a yellow card to the Republic of Ghana to recognise that it risks being identified as a non-cooperating country in the fight against illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing.

MACROECONOMIC CONTEXT. Average prices for marine fuel in June 2021 ranged between 0,47 and 0,50 EUR/litre in ports in France, Italy, Spain, and the UK. Prices increased by an average of approximately 4,4% compared with the previous month and increased by an average of 50,9% compared with the same month in 2020.

Monthly Highlights 7/2021 is available in English, French and Spanish.

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