EUMOFA Monthly Highlights 8 – 2020 is online

This month’s issue analyses first sales of European conger (France, Spain, Portugal), and ling (Denmark, France, Spain). The case studies of this month are “Fisheries and aquaculture in Thailand” and “Patagonian toothfish in the EU market”.

The headline messages from this month's market insights are listed below.

FIRST SALES IN EUROPE: In January-May 2020, Norwegian first sales experienced an increase relative to the same period in 2019. Cod and herring were the main reason for the increased supply. Over the same period, Belgium was among the EU Member States that saw a decrease in first-sales value and volume. The decrease was primarily caused by a decline in the supply of European plaice and common sole. The most recent weekly (up to week 35 of 2020) and monthly (June 2020) data for first sales in Europe can be accessed on the EUMOFA website.

FIRST SALES OF EUROPEAN CONGER AND LING: The average first-sales price of European conger in Portugal was 2,72 EUR/kg between June 2017 and May 2020. This was 84% higher than the average price in France, which was 1,48 EUR/kg during the same period. Over the same period, the average first-sales price of ling in France was 2,63 EUR/kg, 19% higher than in Denmark, at 2,21 EUR/kg.

EXTRA-EU IMPORTS: The price of frozen fillets of Nile perch imported from Tanzania into the EU was 5,72 EUR/kg in the last week of June. This was significantly higher than both the preceding four-week average (+41%), and a year earlier (+81%).

CONSUMPTION: Within the EU, Irish households spent the most for fresh hake (12,11 EUR/kg on average), 19% more than that spent by consumers in Italy (10,20 EUR/kg on average) and 12% more than in France (10,77 EUR/kg). The most recent weekly (up to week 32 of 2020) consumption data can be accessed on the EUMOFA website.

FISHERIES AND AQUACULTURE IN THAILAND: EU imports of fisheries and aquaculture products from Thailand amounted to 63.000 tonnes, worth EUR 324 million in 2019. Squid and skipjack tuna were the most imported species, mainly imported by Italy and the UK, respectively.

PATAGONIAN TOOTHFISH IN THE EU MARKET: In 2018, the leading world producer of Patagonian toothfish was the EU-28 with 6.886 tonnes caught, or 30% of global production. Other main producers were Argentina (16%), Australia (15%), and Chile (13%).

GLOBAL HIGHLIGHTS: In July 2020, the EU extended the protocol to the existing Fisheries Partnership Agreement (FPA) with the Islamic Republic of Mauritania for one further year. This is the biggest mixed agreement for the EU both in financial terms and in terms of fishing opportunities.

MACROECONOMIC CONTEXT: In July 2020, average prices for marine fuel in France, Italy, Spain, and the UK increased by 6% relative to the previous month, reaching an average of 0,33 EUR/litre. However, fuel prices were still 33% lower than in July 2019.

The study is available in English, French and Spanish.

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