EUMOFA Talk "Blue bioeconomy outlook": video recording now available

The video recording of the first EUMOFA Talk is now available.

The first EUMOFA Talk focused on cutting-edge blue bioeconomy topics, which were addressed in EUMOFA’s recently released “Blue bioeconomy report”.The talk, moderated by Alessandro Pititto (COGEA/EUMOFA), featured the following presentations:

  • Meredith Lloyd-Evans (BioBridge), Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture
  • Eirik Hess (Kontali Analyse/EUMOFA), Utilisation of residual raw materials in Denmark
  • Pierre Erwes (BioMarine), Cellular mariculture and plant cell technology
  • Maris Stulgis (European Commission - DG MARE), Blue bioeconomy and algae in the EU policy context

Replies to attendees’ questions not answered during the talk are available at this link.

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