New dashboard on international prices available on EUMOFA.

EUMOFA has released a new dashboard to monitor price notations of relevant fishery and aquaculture products at international level.

A new dashboard on international prices has been released on the EUMOFA website. This new dynamic tool allows easy monitoring of price notations of a selection of relevant fishery and aquaculture products for the EU market.

The monitored major species are tuna, cod, salmon, Alaska pollock, hake, squid, and tropical shrimps. Data can be downloaded from the dashboard, or consulted through interactive charts and tables.

The dashboard enables users to retrieve the latest available prices along the supply chain from different locations, thus allowing to better understand market phenomena “at a glance”. This new dynamic tool complements those already available on EUMOFA providing EU macroeconomic data, and the costs of raw materials used in the fish processing industry.

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