This page groups together all dashboards available on EUMOFA.

Dashboard on first sales at market place level

This tool allows users to access to monthly first sales data by place of sale through an interactive map. By selecting filters on the left, users can adapt the query to their requirements. Data displayed cover only the places of sales reported by EU MS to EUMOFA, plus Norway and United Kingdom. Volumes are expressed in net weight for EU countries and United Kingdom and in live weight equivalent (lwe) for Norway. Prices are expressed in EUR/kg (without VAT). For Norway, they are expressed in EUR/kg of live weight.

Dashboard on international prices

It allows easy monitoring of price notations on various stages along the supply chain of a selection of relevant fishery and aquaculture products. Price information along the supply chain from different geographical locations can therefore enable stakeholders to better understand market phenomena “at a glance”.

Dashboard on raw materials and other costs

It allows easy monitoring of prices of i) fish products for the processing industry, ii) oil, iii) wheat or meslin flour for breaded fish industries, iv) salt suitable for human consumption, v) gas and electricity for industrial consumers, as well as vi) London Metal Exchange spot prices of tin and vii) indicators referring to industries of “processing and preserving of fish, crustaceans and molluscs” (NACE Rev.2).

Macroeconomic dashboard

The macroeconomic dashboard is a dynamic tool, allowing users to monitor the main indicators useful for supporting the analysis of the fishery market. Data can be consulted directly on the webpage through interactive charts and tables or downloaded.