EUMOFA's COVID-19 analyses now included in the Monthly Highlights

Starting from July, EUMOFA regular updates on how COVID-19 is affecting the fisheries and aquaculture sectors are no longer released weekly, but are included in EUMOFA’s Monthly Highlights.

Starting from April 2020, EUMOFA released a COVID-19 bulletin in order to inform the sector as quickly as possible on the evolution of the markets along the entire value chain. Starting from July, relevant updates are included in EUMOFA’s Monthly Highlights. The data and analyses proposed are accurate to EUMOFA experts' best knowledge, but are of course subject to availability of information in the short-term and to intrinsic volatility of the current situation. In particular, note that weekly data on first-sale are conceived to be disseminated as rapidly as possible. For this reason, they only cover some representative products in a selection of locations in some countries. They do not aim to give complete coverage of the market, and so it is recommended to use them as a mere indication of ongoing trends. For more information on species, countries and locations covered, please see here.

EUMOFA’s weekly analysis of the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis can be accessed here.

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