Data and Queries

         Description, Organisation of data, Predefined queries, Ad-hoc queries



Data are collected from the European institutions, the EU Member States, Norway and Iceland, and private data providers. Regular checks are performed to monitor the quality and reliability of data at the collection, analysis, and dissemination stages.


To analyse and monitor market trends data are harmonised into 12 commodity groups and 97 main commercial species, which are selected based on their significance in terms of first sales and their importance for EU trade.


Data are also harmonised in 4 presentation (whole; cut; by-products; unspecified) and 5 preservation states (fresh; frozen; dried-salted-smoked; prepared-preserved; unspecified). 


Organisation of data


Data in the EUMOFA database are organised into three sections:


Weekly indicators

Monthly indicators

Yearly indicators


Data are accessible through two types of queries:


Predefined queries that contain pre-selected options to quickly get reports as result of the query. Predefined queries can be found for weekly, monthly and yearly data.


Ad-hoc queries are individually defined to give specific data that can be filtered to your needs. Ad-hoc queries can also be found for weekly, monthly and yearly data.