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Consumption refers to the amount of fisheries and aquaculture products that are consumed during a given period, and within a geographic area, such as a country.

In EUMOFA consumption is provided as “apparent consumption” under yearly data and as “consumption of fresh products by households” under monthly trends and yearly data.

Apparent consumption is calculated by using the supply balance sheet that provides an estimate of the supply of fishery and aquaculture products available for human consumption at EU level. Catches targeted for fishmeal (industrial catches) are excluded. Non-food use products are also excluded from imports and exports.

The calculation of the supply balance sheet is based on the equation:

Apparent consumption =

[(total catches – industrial catches) + aquaculture + imports] – exports.

Consumption of fresh products by households is the consumption recorded by a sample of households in a country. These data are purchased by the EUMOFA from a private information provider. For more details see:

Monthly indicators

Yearly indicators


Data and Reports

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