Prices of fish products for the processing industry (in current euros).

Fish speciesProduct formGradingPrice (EUR/kg)Reference and areaIncotermOriginIndustry
Alaska pollack (Theragra chalcogramma)Block not availableUnited States of AmericaFOB - Free On BoardUnited States of AmericaFilleting; Breading
Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)Fresh - whole Superior Quality2-3 kg/piece not availableItalyCPT - Carriage Paid ToNorwaySmoking  
Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)Fresh - Gutted, head-on5-6 kg/piece 11.51NorwayFOB - Free On BoardNorwaySmoking  
Cod (Gadus morhua)Fresh headed2-3 kg/piece 8.50FranceWholesaleEuropeFilleting; Breading
Whiteleg shrimp (Penaeus vannamei)Head-on, shell-on60-70 piece/kg not availableVarious European countriesCFR - Cost and FreightIndonesiaCooking; Breading
Tuna (Thunnus spp.)Skipjack – precooked loinsunspecified 6.19Various European countriesCFR - Cost and FreightIndiaCanning
Tuna (Thunnus spp.)Skipjack whole1.8 - 3.4 kg/piece 1.80SpainCFR - Cost and FreightVarious originsCanning
Mussel (Mytilus chilensis)IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) shell-off200-300 pc/kg not availableItalyCIF - Cost, Insurance and FreightChileCooking
Hake (Merluccius capensis)IQF - Individually Quick Frozen90-110 g/piece not availableItalyCIF - Cost, Insurance and FreightNamibiaFilleting; Breading
Tuna (Thunnus spp.)Yellowfin whole> 10 kg 2.80SpainCFR - Cost and FreightVarious originsCanning

Source: Globefish. The prices of 10 key fish products for the European market are monitored monthly. Those 10 products are from seven species, as tuna comprises three product presentations and Atlantic salmon comprises two product presentations.