From the Price transmission case study: From the Price transmission case study:

Price structure in the supply chain Turbot in the EU

From the Monthly Highlights: From the Monthly Highlights:

Monthly Highlights No. 3/2014 (30/04/2014)
First sale focus: France (scallop, pollack); Greece (hake, red mullet)
Topic of the month: Gilthead seabream in Italy
Annexes: tables
Monthly Highlights No.1-2016 (17/01/2016)
First sale focus: France (Albacore tuna, hake); Sweden (Norway lobster, herring)
Topic of the month: Smoked salmon in France 
Annexes: tables
Monthly Highlights No.4-2016 (17/04/2016)
First sale focus: France (scallop, whiting); Norway (cod, Greenland halibut)
Topic of the month: China’s role in seafood trade and processing 
Annexes: tables
Monthly Highlights No.9-2016 (16/10/2016)
First sale focus: France (Norway lobster, European seabass); United Kingdom (scallop, mackerel)
Topic of the month: Icelandic fisheries 
Annexes: tables
Monthly Highlights N. 3-2017 (30/03/2017)
First sale focus: Pollack (Denmark, France, UK); Ray (Belgium, France, Portugal, UK)
Topic of the month: Fisheries in Senegal; Anchovy in the EU
Annexes: tables