What is Bulk Download

From the Bulk Download section, it is possible to download EUMOFA's data in CSV format for custom analysis and elaborations. Data will be downloaded in the language you can select in the menu on the top of the page.

The table below reports all the files and the related datasets available in the EUMOFA database.

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Filename Description
WEEKLY_FIRST_SALE_EU Weekly – First sale data
WEEKLY_WHOLESALE_EU Weekly – Wholesale data
WEEKLY_IMPORT_EU Weekly – Import data
WEEKLY_RETAIL_EU Weekly – Retail data
MONTHLY_FIRST_SALE Monthly – First sale data
MONTHLY_IMPORT_EXPORT Monthly – Import/export data (split in 5-years parts)
YEARLY_LANDINGS Yearly – Landings data
YEARLY_AQUACULTURE Yearly – Aquaculture data
YEARLY_IMPORT_EXPORT_EU Yearly – Import/Export
YEARLY_PROCESSING_EU Yearly - Processing
WEEKLY_FIRST_SALE_NO_IS Weekly - First sale data (Norway and Iceland only)
MONTHLY_FIRST_SALE_NO_IS Monthly – First sale data (Norway and Iceland only)
MONTHLY_IMPORT_EXPORT_NO_IS Monthly – Import/export data (Norway and Iceland only)
MONTHLY_CONSUMPTION Monthly – Household consumption of fresh products (volumes and values)
YEARLY_CONSUMPTION Yearly – Household consumption of fresh products (volumes and values)
MONTHLY_OTHER_COUNTRIES_TRADE Monthly – Bilateral import/export data of main EU partner countries
MONTHLY_MARINE_GASOIL_PRICE Monthly – Average price of marine diesel in EU countries
DAILY_EXCHANGE_RATE Daily – Exchange rates of Euro vs. other main currencies
YEARLY_INFLATION_FISH_FOOD Yearly – Inflation rates for “food” and for “fish and seafood”
YEARLY_EXPENDITURE_FISH_FOOD Yearly – Nominal expenditure per capita for “food” and for “fish and seafood” - in Purchasing Power Parities (PPPs)
XX_first sale_by ERS code First sale data at ERS level